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The economics of intellectual property and new media

26th and 27th of October 2006
Lisbon , Portugal


The emergence of new forms of production and distribution of digital information obliged the re-open of the debate regarding the fundaments and limits of intellectual propriety.This conference has as its main goal to discuss the current status of this debate, and anticipate its lines of future development.

Besides the analysis of the nature of intellectual propriety in the context of new media, special relevance will be given to the dynamics and economics of intellectual propriety, pursuing to understand until what point it's possible to find a balance between fair protection and the need to innovate.

The topics to be discussed during the congress, will be complemented with the presentation of Case-Studies illustrating how intellectual property intervenes in several sectors of the industrial and economical activity.



Organization committee
Anabela Afonso
António Machuco Rosa
Manuel J. Damásio

Technical Support
Inês Santa

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The economics of intellectual property: between innovation and protection

October 26th

10h30 – 10h45
Opening Session
(Fernando dos Santos Neves, Chancellor of Universidade Lusófona and Anabela Afonso, Organization Committee of the ICEIP 2006)

10h45 – 11h30
William Fischer (Harvard Law School - USA)
“Fundamentals of Intellectual Property”

11h45 – 12h30
Manuel Lopes Rocha – (Ferreira Pinto & Associados - PT)
The Intellectual Property and the New Media in Law and Courts”

13h00 – 15h00 – Almoço/ Lunch

15h00 - 15h45
Michael A. Einhorn - (Rutgers University - USA)
“The economic balance between creation and protection”

15h54 – 16h30
António Machuco Rosa - (Universidade Lusófona - PT)
“The New Economy of Digital Standards – Antagonism and Cooperation”

16h30 – 16h50 – Coffee Break

17h00 – 17h30
Dra. Leonor Trindade (INPI's Administrator)
“Industrial Property in Portugal”

17h30 – 18h00
Peter Villax (Hovione, Administrador - PT)
Case Study – “Intellectual property in the Pharmaceutical Industry”

The Fundaments of Intellectual Property and the New Media

October 27th

11h00 – 11h45
Yochai Benkler (Yale Law School - USA)
“The political economy of new distribution forms”

12h00 – 12h45
Manuel Oehen Mendes – (Busse, Oehen Mendes & Associados, PT)
“The New Challenges of the Intellectual Property”

13h00 – 15h00 – Almoço/Lunch

15h00 – 15h45
André Bertrand – (Université de Paris I / Advocat à la Cour - FR)
“Author Rights and Music Distribution in the Internet”

15h45 – 16h15
Miguel Carretas (AUDIOGEST - Associação para a Gestão e Distribuição de Direitos - PT)
Case Study – “Rights management entities: The present and the future”

16h15 – 16h45
Kelly Mclearn (NMTC, IE)
“Protection of the Intellectual Property in the Film Industry: the Irish case”

16h45 – 17h00 - Coffee Break

17h00 – 17h50
James Boyle (Duke University - USA)
"Towards a New Politics of Intellectual Property"

Sessão de Encerramento / Closure Session
Augusto Santos Silva, Minister of Parliament Issues;
Manuel de Almeida Damásio, President of the Board Management of Universidade Lusófona and
José Bragança de Miranda, Scientific Advisor of DCCATI)





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